ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ប្រែកាយ Lbech Sneh Brae Kay 2011 - Pim Mala [EP.26End]

Title: ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ប្រែកាយ Lbech Sneh Brae Kay 2011 - Pim Mala พิมมาลา The Secret Garland Garden ,

Priew is a playboy that captures the heart of Namnuan, the niece of his boss. She is a sweet and innocent lady. When she discovers how much of a playboy he is, she is saddened and leaves the country to study abroad. When she returns to work for her aunt's company, Priew is attracted to her new looks and attitude. However, Namnuan is already engaged to Waen. One day, an angel transforms Priew into a woman named Pim Mala. The angel wants to teach him a lesson about the feelings of women. She promises to return him to his male body when he ends his playboy behavior.

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