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គុជឈាមនាគ Kuch Chheam Neak 2012 - Yok Luerd Mungkorn [EP.32End]

Title: គុជឈាមនាគ, ដំណក់ឈាមនាគ, ឈឹចាប់យ៉ាងណាក៏ទ្រាំ, Dragon Blood , Jade of the Gragon ,, หยกเลือดมังกร Kuch Chheam Neak 2012 - Yok Luerd Mungkorn หยกเลือดมังกร Dragon Blood , Jade of the Gragon ,

Jao Sua Leng, the 2nd generation dragon heir to Mongkorn Waree. He arranged for a celebration to introduce his project that cost more than a billion without listening to the objection from his left hand, Lao Ngow, a close friend of his dad who helped build his family's fortune. Lao Ngow was jealous and wanted to get rid of Jao Sua Leng by sending Duangkae to be Jao Sua's lover so she can spy for him. During the banquet a group of hitmen invaded and shot many people there dead including Jao Sua's wife and his kid (s). Jao Sua narrowly escaped death with the help of Praosaeng, a waitress there. She took care of him and the two felt in love resulting in her pregnancy. The hitmen caught up with the two, in fear of his wife and child's safety Jao Sua arranged for them to escape before him. He bestowed upon his unborn child a red dragon jade, the family treasure and vowed to come back to get them after he deal with the bad guys. But Praosaeng wasn't able to escape the hitmen who came after her. Jao Sua was able to escape death this time because of Duangkae, his mistress. Lao Ngow was served with the allegation of trying to assassinate Jao Sua and was sentenced to life in prison. Daungkae backstabbed Lao Ngow because she wanted Manop, her 5 years old son with him to become the heir Jao Sua's fortune despite the fact that Manop is not Jao Sua's real son. Twenty years later, Yok, a young man with a bright future will soon graduate from the Royal Police Cadet Academy despite being an orphan and living in the slum. He was raised by an ex-boxer who now opened a school that teaches boxing to young kids. He told Yok that he discovered Yok's mother who was injured and decided to help her. He was able to save her until she passed away after giving birth to Yok. She refused to tell him the father of the baby, with only the red dragon jade by her side he named the baby, Yok.

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