គំនុំព្រលឹងសងសឹក Komnom Pro Leung Song Seok 2017 - Nang Khaen [EP.26End]

Title: គំនុំព្រលឹងសងសឹក , The Scarlet Night, นางแค้น

Cindy the most popular transgender showgirl of Plern Pimarn, is hated by everyone due to her being mean and arrogant. Especially by Koki, a junior showgirl who needs to beat her. Praewa the owner of Plern Pimarn knows about Cindy but she doesn't do anything about her because Cindy can earn the most income. One day, she mysteriously dies during a performance. Everybody is shocked by this but no one can know that Cindy's spirit is still here for revenge against everyone who hurt her.

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