កំណើតស្នេហ៍ក្នុងផ្សារ - Komneut Sneh Knung Psar 2001 - Rak Koet Nai Talat Sot [EP.24End]

Title: កំណើតស្នេហ៍ក្នុងផ្សារ, Love Starts at the Fresh Market , Love Starts in the Fresh Market , Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode , Ruk Kerd Nai Tarad Sod , Ruk Gerd Nai Talard Sot, รักเกิดในตลาดสด

Much trouble and fun are in store for the merchants and customers at the local fresh market. Tong, a vegetable seller and Kimlang, a fishmonger fall in love, but Kimlang's mother does not approve because she sees Tong as a worthless hooligan who won't amount to anything. Tong must prove himself to Kimlang's mother, while also working hard to improve the conditions at the market and teach other merchants to take pride in what they sell and that caring for their customers will benefit them all.

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