ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ក្នុងបេះដូង Klin Sneh Knung Besdong 2007 - Klin Kaew Klang Jai [EP.40End]

Title: ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ក្នុងបេះដូង Klin Sneh Knung Besdong 2007 - Klin Kaew Klang Jai กลิ่นแก้วกลางใจ The Orange Jasmine Scent

Mesa gets married with Orachun and realizes later that he is in love with Jitta. Orachun and Jitta had an affair, and she gave birth to a daughter. Mesa is vengeful and jealous of them, so she switches Jitta's baby with a prostitute's baby. Many years later, Apo, the prostitute's baby, grows up in the noble and rich family while Prapai, Jitta's real baby, grows up in the orphanage. With hatred, Mesa gradually poisons Orachun and he dies. When Jitta knows, she sends someone to exchange his ash bottle and brings his ash to spread under the Orange Jasmine tree near Klin Kaew House on the island that Orachun had built as a symbol for their love. Mesa adopts Prapai and treats her as a servant. No matter how many times Mesa is mean and cruel to Prapai, she still loves Mesa as her mother because at least Mesa supported her to study and to graduate from Nursing school. Later, Mesa befriends Jitta and sends Prapai to be Apo's servant because she wants to see Jitta's real daughter to be treated as a servant in her real mother's house. Jitta's family and Akkee's family are bound by business, so they want Apo, Jitta's daughter and Asanee, Akkee's son to get married. Apo tries to oppose it because she has a boyfriend named Johnny. Same with Asanee, he refuses this marriage and is very angry at his father. They quarrel until Asanee gets into a car accident. Akkee dies and Asanee becomes blind. Panu, Asanee's uncle, wants to possess their property and business, so he plans to make Asanee sign the document to assign authority to him. Panu also forces Asanee to sign the marriage registration with Apo and sends him to Klin Kaew House on the island. Apo resists to go to take care of a blind man like Asanee, so she conspires with Mesa to send Prapai to go there and pretend to be his wife instead, and Apo sneaks away to be with Johnny, her boyfriend.

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