ឃាតករស្នេហ៍ Kheat Takor Sneh 2002 - Katakorn Kammathep [EP.28End]

Title: ឃាតករស្នេហ៍, ទាសករស្នេហ៍ Kheat Takor Sneh 2002 - Katakorn Kammathep ฆาตกรกามเทพ Cupid Killer , Killer Cupid , To Kill The Cupid , Khattakon Kammathep ,

Thee's father decided to send him abroad to study, in order to test his professed love for Panin, and see it if it would withstand the time and distance apart. When Thee was away, Panin married Thee's father in order to pay off her own father's accrued debts. Things got worse for Thee when his father suddenly died and left his fortune to Panin. Thee suspects his father's will was faked and soon becomes the victim of a murder plot, as his helicopter crashes into a cliff. Miraculously, Thee survives, with the help of Orn, the step-daughter of the resort owner that Thee suspects of plotting his murder. Things get complicated when Panin discovers that Thee is still alive and comes to rekindle their old love. But Thee is falling for his savior Orn and has to compete with her step-brother, Rak, for her affections, all the while trying to evade more murder plots to get rid of him.

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