ហង្សដាំពេជ្រ Hang Dam Pich 2012 - Hong Sabat Lai [EP.22End]

Title: ហង្សដាំពេជ្រ Hang Dam Pich 2012 - Hong Sabat Lai หงส์สะบัดลาย Swan Flick Pattern , Hong Sabud Lai

Nay witnessed the murder of her parents at a very young age. She was carted off to Paris to be raised by her father’s best friend—a businessman—while her younger brother Vee was taken under their driver’s wing, living a humble life as his son in Thailand. Fast-forward ten years and Nay has grown up a regal and beautiful woman. She's engaged to Siwat—her father’s best friend’s son—however, they cannot marry until they fulfil their ultimate goal to avenge her parent's murder. In order to return to Thailand to execute their plan and remain safe from the bad guys, they hire a bodyguard, Rabin, to protect Nay.

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