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ប្រតិបត្តិការណ៍ខ្លាទាំង៥ វគ្គ១ Brotibat Kar Khla Tang 5 I 2009 - Sao 5 Season 1 [EP.15End]

Title: ប្រតិបត្តិការណ៍ខ្លាទាំង៥ វគ្គ១, ខ្លា៥ក្នុងជំរុំស្នេហ៍, Saturday Five , เสาร์ 5

Before all 5 boys born on the same day, the 5th Saturday, the 5th day of the waxing moon, the 5th month, came under the patronage of Abbot Apichai, all children attended the ceremony. and receive sacred things as a personal image from a senior monk to enhance prestige to be invincible In addition to all 5 children being sent to study and practicing self-defense to protect the country Everyone has different talents. Deaw Somdet has a wonderful sense of hearing. Can hear different sounds in the distance. Terd Yodthong can hold his breath and disappear. Don Tha Kradan can concentrate and see things. In the radius of the incident, Yod Nang Phaya can walk through obstacles and walls. Klong Ta Khian buzzer can move so fast that the eyes can't see. and disguised as someone else.

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