វីរបុរសស៊ើបអង្កេត Virak Borso Seub Onket 2022 - The Investigator

Title: វីរបុរសស៊ើបអង្កេត, Business Investigator , Jian Yan De Xia Dong , Shang Ye Diao Cha Shi , 商业调查师, 简言的夏冬

A story about risk management follows a team of investigators who work together to eliminate fraud. Xia Dong, who works as an investigator for a global company that specializes in risk management, has always considered professional ethics to be his life's mission. In order to complete a job that was assigned to him and to uncover the truth behind an incident that got him framed while studying abroad, Xia Dong transfers from the US headquarters to the Shanghai branch. In his new office, he encounters Jian Yan, his junior at school who now works as an investigator. In the following days and nights, Xia Dong's righteousness and kindness shine through and easily help in resolving the misunderstandings from the past. Soon after, Xia Dong and Jian Yan are conducting a background check on a company and find themselves facing repeated threats on their life after they helped Lin Jun Wen, an old classmate, and got caught in their family disputes. No matter the crisis, Xia Dong and Jian Yan continue to uphold their ideals and protect corporate integrity.

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