វិមានផ្កាឈូក Vimean Phka Chhouk 2013 - Reun Kalong - Vihean Sneh Neang Ka Long [EP.33End]

Title: វិមានផ្កាឈូក, វិញ្ញាណស្នេហ៍នាងកាឡុង, เรือนกาหลง, Reun Ga Lhong , Reuan Kalong , Kalong's Heaven , Ruean Kalong , Reun Galong , Kalong House

The story is set in ancient Thailand. Kalong is the most beautiful girl in the village. She has been in love with Mai, a poor boy who grew up in the temple without any relatives. He intends to work hard in order to ask for Kalong’s hand in marriage from Mae Kloy, despite the fact that Mae Kloy does not want Mai as her son-in-law. She finds the fact that Mai is poor disgusting, so she forces Kalong to become Chote’s wife instead. Chote is known as a thug, he’s the son of Chuang, a rich elder in the village. Mae Kloy has debts that she owes Chuang from gambling, so when Chuang comes to collect them she suggests that Kalong become Chote’s wife to wipe the debt completely. But Kalong refuses to give up on her love, and no matter what, she will do anything to be with Mai forever.

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