តុលាការមុខដែក ប៉ាវចិន២០១១ វគ្គ២ Tolakar Mok Daek II - Pao Chin 2011 - Justice Bao: Arbiter of Loyalty unto Death [EP.40End]

Title: តុលាការមុខដែក ប៉ាវចិន២០១១ វគ្គ២, រន្ទះដាវឆ្មាពិឃាតចាន់ចាវ Tolakar Mok Daek II - Pao Chin 2011 - Justice Bao: Arbiter of Loyalty unto Death 包青天之碧血丹心 New Justice Bao: Arbiter of Loyalty unto Death , Bao Qing Tian Zhi Bi Xie Dan Xin , Baau Ching Tin Bik Hyut Daan Sam

The Caihe River broke its embankment and caused a disaster. Renzong ordered Bao Zheng to thoroughly investigate the cause of the flood and investigate whether there were human . Xu Gu, the Water Superintendent of the capital , and Du Ping, the director of the capital, reported to Bao Zheng that the floods were all caused by the private construction of buildings and water pavilions on both sides of the Cai River by princes and ministers, which blocked the river. Gongsun Ce also discovered that the collapse of the embankment was caused by cutting corners and materials, and the culprit was Du Ping's uncle Luo Qiong. Luo Qiong was afraid, so he asked Du Bin, the father of Du Ping, to come forward to find Grand Master Pang, and gave Pang Guifei a pearl shirt as a gift, and asked Pang Guifei to come forward to help, but the pearl shirt allowed Bao Zheng to find out the main cause of the embankment collapse and a period of time. Unsolved cases of the past.

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