តុលាការមុខដែក Tolakar Mok Daek I 2008 - Bao Qing Tian's Passage [EP.120End]

Title: តុលាការមុខដែក, ប៉ាវចិន, សំណាញ់ច្បាប់កក្រើកមេឃ វគ្គ១ 包青天之通判劫, Xin Bao Qing Tian , Judge Bao , Bao Qingtian's Passage

The drama tells the presidency that it was the official residence of the emperor stationed in the Northern Song Dynasty to supervise and know the state and the state of the state was also known as the supervisor of the state. Terengganu through again and again sentenced to death for no reason by a court to send up, new pe pass sentence Tang true but Bao Zheng protege, his father, Don Ji this is to monitor the messengers and Bao Zheng colleagues. Bao Zheng took care of the life of Zhan Zhao accompanied by Tang Zhen’s new story.

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