ធីតាថ្កុលមាស Thida Thoul Meas 2022 - Jaoying Phikun Thong

Title: ធីតាថ្កុលមាស Thida Thoul Meas 2022 - Jaoying Phikun Thong เจ้าหญิงพิกุลทอง, Jao Ying Phikun Thong , Chao Ying Phikun Thong

Princess Phikunthong is the daughter of "Tao Sanurat" and his wife, "Mrs. Pikunchantra", the ruler of Sappaburi. (The original Khoi notebook was written in Santhaburi city) when entering a young woman. Her beauty was so famous that it was hard to find another woman like her. In addition, when talking to someone, there will be golden flowers falling from the mouth. And then there's the hair that smells good too. One day Mrs. Phikunthong was born in a state of turmoil. So he took goodbye to Thao Sannuraj to play in the water with the monk in the stream. Thao Sannuraj had to place nets and buoys around the pier. because the astrologer predicted that she would be separated from the city will mention a vulture named "Thao Subanpaksa" flew over and saw the carcass of a rotten dog, so he hovered over and brought it back to peck and float near the area where Mrs. Pikulthong and her nanny were playing in the water. Mrs. Pikulthong smelled rotten, sent her nanny to look and found the vultures eating the carcass, so they cursed and drove them away with various vulgar words. Thao Paksa became very angry and said that this rotten dog was his food. already Mrs. Pikulthong, being the son of Chao Phraya, should not have come to negotiate and scold her for expelling herself like this and then flew away. But Thao Paksi still thought to take revenge on Ms. Pikunthong, so he came up with a trick to transform himself into a handsome young man and asked to live at a cottage at the end of Suan Kwan of Sappburi. Then keep creating gold for 2 grandparents to use until rich by saying that he found it while digging taro One day, he urged 2 grandparents to come to ask Mrs. Pikunthong to be his wife. Thao Paksa Plaeng then pretended to be grieving near death. 2 Grandparents reluctantly went to ask Mrs. Pikunthong from Thao Sannuraj. Upon hearing of such things, they were furious. Said that if you think that the nephew has merit, will be paired with her, near to build a bridge of the golden bridge from the end of the garden to the palace within 3 days, otherwise it will execute the whole 2 grandparents. kept crying and scolding the King Bird for bringing trouble to him When Thao Paksa learned about the construction of the Golden Bridge and then reassured him that if he did not complete it, he would die instead of the two grandparents, he was relieved a bit. In the evening Pakka said that he would go out on business and then transformed into a huge condor and flew back to Mount Ninthagala. and enlisted many armies to help build the bridge until it was completed.

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