ត្បូងពេជ្ររំលេចស្នេហ៍, Tboung Keov Loam Pich 2007 - Liem Petch Karat [EP.22End]

Title: ត្បូងឡោមពេជ្រ, ត្បូងពេជ្ររំលេចស្នេហ៍, เหลี่ยมเพชรกะรัต, Liempetch Karat , Edge of Diamond's Karat

Karat loses all her fortune when her father dies. She goes to live with her best friend and is now working in Chai’s company. Chai is the owner of the company, but he works undercover as the messenger. He secretly helps Karat in finding out who swindled her father, in the process, they also prevent Chai’s mother from being swindled.

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