ស្វែងរកការពិតបំបែកក្ដីឃាតកម្ម Sveng Rok Kar Pit 2012 - History of the Salaryman [EP.47End]

Title: ស្វែងរកការពិត Sveng Rok Kar Pit 2012 - History of the Salaryman 샐러리맨 초한지, Salaryman Chohanji , Selreorimaen Chohanji , Salaryman

Part melodrama, part comedy, this series takes its cues from the epic legend "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms." One night, Yoo Bang enters a dark, mysterious villa with nothing but a flashlight, only to find an executive of the Chunha Medical Group, Jin Ho Hae, slouched in a chair dead and Ho Hae's niece, Yeo Chi, hiding behind a curtain. At Ho Hae's funeral, Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi are suddenly taken into custody for his murder, and we're taken three months into the past to reveal what led to this murder and exactly who is responsible. We meet Choi Hang Woo, a director from Ho Hae's rival pharmaceutical company who is undercover to steal the formula for their new drug, and the Chief Researcher from Chunha Group, Cha Woo-Hee. The lives of these individuals become intertwined over the next three months as it is revealed exactly who murdered Ho Hae and why.

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