ស្រមោលបុណ្យ Sromoul Bun 2020 - Ngao Boon - Bab Kam Sneh [EP.33End]

Title: ស្រមោលបុណ្យ, បាបកម្មស្នេហ៍, Ngao Boon , The Shadow of Merit , Shadow of Merit, เงาบุญ

Sita lost her father and must face the bad people that intend to steal her inheritance. The good thing is that she has her boyfriend Worachon and her friends as her moral support. Besides the bad people, she must also come to terms with her parents who became pretas (hungry ghosts) who received their karma with torture. The only way they can be free is for Sita to release all 12 types of pretas. How will Sita find a solution? And will forgiveness be the answer to their freedom or not?

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