ស្រឡាញ់ឬស្អប់ Srolagn Reu Sorb 2017 - Rak Rai [EP.40End]

Title: ស្រឡាញ់ឬស្អប់ Srolagn Reu Sorb 2017 - Rak Rai รักร้าย Ruk Rai , Bad Love , Evil Love

Win and Lek are best friends. Lek is in love with Win but Win is dating Lek's older sister. When Lek leaves to go study overseas, she promises that Win will be the first person to see her degree when she comes back. While Lek is away, tragedy falls and Win's parents pass away. Win is also in a car accident. All this happens without Lek knowing, so when Lek comes back looking for Win only to hear that the entire Wongsurakarn family has passed on, she is devastated. But Win is actually still alive and has been living in hiding for three years. All he wants is revenge for the wrongs done to him and his family, wrongs that have been instigated by Lek's own family. Will Win forgive past wrongs or will he use Lek as a tool in his plan of vengeance?

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