ស្រីស្អាតសង្គ្រោះគ្រួសារ Srey Sart Song Krous Krousar 2013 - Beauties at the Crossfire

Title: ស្រីស្អាតសង្គ្រោះគ្រួសារ , Beauty at the Crossfires , Feng Huo Jia Ren , A Beautiful Girl at War , 烽火佳人

A princess from the late Qing Dynasty experiences the demise of her clan. She thrives in a rough environment and gradually matures into a strong businesswoman. Despite being a fallen royalty, Tong Yu Wan is part of a new generation of women during the Republican era. She falls in love with Zhou Ting Chen after he rescues her from peril, but her parents force her to marry Du Yun Tang, the son of a wealthy tycoon. Du Yun Tang appears frivolous as a front, but he is strategic and the best business partner that Yu Wan can have. Meanwhile, Zhou Ting Chen joins the revolutionary movement. His friend Li Shao Feng pretends to be the Li family's only son. He offers up his younger sister Li Xue Mei to warlord Shen Zhi Pei. He also works for a Japanese firm and becomes a fierce competitor for the Du family as they contend for development projects. As a woman, Yu Wan experiences complicated entanglements with the people in her life from her lover Zhou Ting Chen, husband Du Yun Tang, friend Li Xue Mei, enemy Li Shao Feng to twins Qing Ping and Hong Yu.

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