សង្គ្រាមដណ្ដើមអំណាច Songkream Don Deum Omnach 2011 - The Biography of Sun Tzu [EP.31End]

Title: ក្បួនសឹកស៊ុនអ៊ូ, សង្គ្រាមដណ្ដើមអំណាច, The Biography of Sun Zi ,, 孙子大传

The time to return to the two thousand years ago the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi Sun Wu is far from being pushed as the military commander first “grandson”, but rather a living to Wu seeking to aspire foreign land of off. Family misfortune to push away from the hometown the Wugong situation forced him beheaded two concubines, and began a brilliant career of Wu Tai General leads him all the love and hatred and extraordinary woman Yi Luo. From people flee from their homes and given the rank of General Wu Tai made her famous, and then devote themselves to the soldiers to learn the mountain hermit, Sun Wu launched his magnificent shocking life sorrow, fortunately regardless of high or down for the poor, Sun Tsu have his Yi Luo, accompanied by no longer feel lonely.

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