សង្គ្រាមម្ដាយក្មេកនិងកូនប្រសារ Song Kream Mday Kmek Ning Kon Brosar 2023 - Devil in Law

Title: កំពូលភរិយា មហាកូនប្រសារ, Songkream Mday Kmek Ning Kon Brosar, សង្គ្រាមម្ដាយក្មេកកូនប្រសារ, Sapai Sai Strong , Saphai Sai Strong, สะใภ้สายสตรอง

Srikanda, Phawinee's sister, is a beautiful woman whose father is very proud of her. She fell in love with Nopphanai and despite her father's disapproval, they decided to elope. One day, Phawinee meets Srikanda by chance and notices how she looks thinner and depressed. She eventually gets ill and passes away. Phawinee is angry after finding out how her sister was bullied by her mother and sister-in-law, so she decides to sign a marriage certificate with Nopphanai with a deal of "no touch", in order to take care of her nephew. Afterward, Phawinee moves in where her sister lived and starts to fight with his mother and sister. She doesn't give in to them as her sister had, and so her revenge begins.

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