សណ្តានចិត្តទេពធីតាអាវស វគ្គ៤ Sondan Chit Tep Thida Av Sor IV 2022 - You Can Be An Angel S4

Title: សណ្តានចិត្តទេពធីតាអាវស, សណ្ដានចិត្តអ្នកមានបុណ្យ វគ្គ៤, You Can Be An Angel 4 你也可以是天使 4

Ruo Jun is the newly minted Assistant Director of Nursing at the Jing Hao Zhi Jia nursing home and senior care centre. A former hospital nurse, she changes the current management style and rules, but can the patients and her colleagues adapt to her new ways? The world is suddenly hit by an unprecedented crisis with the arrival of COVID-19, the nation is thrown into a panic mode. At the nursing home where the patients are the most vulnerable group in the society, how will Ruo Jun and her team of healthcare workers manage the delicate situation? Ruo Jun is exposed to the virus while trying to save someone, can the selfless frontline hero pull through her own health crisis?

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