ស្នេហ៍មួយជីវិតពីរ Sneh 1 Chivit 2 2015 - Leh Ratree - Bomnoul Sneh [EP.24End]

Title: ស្នេហ៍មួយជីវិតពីរ, បំណុលប្ដូរស្នេហ៍, A Woman's Trickery , Love's Trickery , เล่ห์รตี

Kate's father stole money from Sake's company and when he finds out he starts looking for Kate's father. However, Kate's father runs away. When they find him he has to go to the hospital because of an Injury. There, he decides to sell Kate to Sake to pay off his debts, because he knew Sake's family wanted an heir and would take care of Kate. Sake gradually begins to fall in love with Kate. Meanwhile, Sake's ex-wife Itsala doesn't believe Sake has moved on to Kate and continuously chases after him.

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