ស្ដេចអគ្គីឆ្លងភព វគ្គ២ Sdech Aki Chlong Phop II 2018 - The King of Blaze 2

Title: ស្ដេចអគ្គី វគ្គ២, មេទ័ពអគ្គីឆ្លងភព វគ្គ២, Battle of the Dawn of Fire 2 , Battle of the Dawn of Fire , Huo Wang Zhi Qian Li Tong Feng 2 , Dian Shi Ju Huo Wang 2 , 电视剧 火 王, 火王之千里同风

In this modern version, the two will team up to save the earth from environmental dangers. Bolin is a talented but overbearing scientist who’s enamoured with the legend of the Fire King. Jing Tian is the journalist who regularly butts heads with Bolin. Eventually they reconcile their differences as they participate in research projects and press conferences. Then there’s the challenge of protecting their findings from villains intent on stealing their work for nefarious purposes.

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