ឧត្តមភរិយា, Oudom Pheak Riyea 2016 - Padiwaradda​ - Pheak Riyea Bondoul Chit [EP.56End]

Title: ឧត្តមភរិយា, ភរិយាបណ្ដូលចិត្ត, Padiwarada , Pleng Ruk Jahk Chun , Beloved Loyal Wife , Padivarada, ปดิวรัดา

To show gratitude to her adoptive father, Rin Rapee accepts to disguise herself as his real daughter and marry Saran, to keep the promise their fathers had made in the past. Saran is a cold-hearted guy who suffers from his previous love. Although he knows that Rin's adoptive family has deceived him, he does not wish to return his bride, since he gets to know her beauty and kindness. Love slowly grows. But soon their love is tested, when Duangsawad, his ex-lover, returns to him, while Rin also feels guilty with the secret she is hiding from him.

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