អំនួតស្នេហ៍២ផែនដី Omnouch Sneh 2 Pen Dey 2023 - Khaen Song Phaendin

Title: អំនួតស្នេហ៍២ផែនដី , แคน2แผ่นดิน , 2 แผ่นดิน, Kaen 2 Phaendin , Kaen Song Phaendin , แคน2แผ่นดิน

"Kenphet" (Chakrit Bunsing) and "Kanchai" (Witchaphong Iamsaad), two brothers of "Chao Hom Muang" (Polrat Rodraksa), the supreme ruler of the Wiang Fah state, and "Sri Wiang", the consort, both escaped the pursuit of the revolutionary group led by "Nan Kham" (Tattapong Pongsatat), a military chief. of the revolutionary During their escape, Chao Hom Muang and Chao Sri Wiang were shot to death, causing Ken Petch and Kan Chai to fall into the Mekong River and receive such a heavy blow that they lost their memory. The Mekong River has swept them apart without knowing their fate.

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