និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងសម័យកាល Nisaiy Sneh Chlong Samaiy Kal 2023 - Marvellous Love

Title: និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងសម័យកាល, Ruethai Bodee, ฤทัยบดี

Born with psychic powers, Cho-ueang is vilified as a bad omen against the community. When she is only small, her father performs a spell to keep her hidden and Cho-ueang winds up travelling hundreds of years into the future. There, a family takes her in and renames her Panruethai. Unexpectedly, Panruethai is returned to her original era, an era she has no memory of. All she knows is her powers have strengthened. Confused, she comes across a young man, Singkham, who mistakes her for a thief and apprehends her. However, she finds herself staying with him.

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