មន្តស្នេហ៍សុភាពបុរសទាំង៥ វគ្គ៣ Mon Sneh Sopheab Boros Tang 5 III - Sne Chrek Vannak 2013 - Khun Chai Phutthiphat [EP.13End]

Title: មន្តស្នេហ៍សុភាពបុរសទាំង៥ វគ្គ៣, ស្នេហ៍ជ្រែកវណ្ណៈ, คุณชายพุฒิภัทร, Suparburoot Jutathep Part 3 , Gentleman of Jutathep Part 3 , The Five Brothers Part 3 , Khun Chai Puttipat

Khun Chai Phutthiphat is a young doctor who has no time for love. Despite the fact that his grandmothers are trying to matchmake him to the second Thewaphrom daughter Maratee, his younger brothers are interested to find out if there is a woman out there who can win his heart. They set him up by sending him to a beauty pageant electing the year's 'Miss Sri Siam' and there he falls in love at first sight with pageant winner Krongkaew. What follows is a series of exciting adventures as he gets involved in Krongkaew's efforts to escape from becoming a powerful General's concubine, while resisting the matchmaking attempts of his grandmothers and the grasping claws of Maratee. In the end, this young noble will discover that this commoner girl whom he fell in love with is more precious than any diamonds and gems in the world, and that he will do anything to win her heart.

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