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មហិទ្ធិរិទ្ធទេវបុត្រកូមីន - Mohit Thirith Tevoboth Komin 2023 - Komin Phukla

Title: មហិទ្ធិរិទ្ធទេវបុត្រកូមីន, โกมินทร์ผู้กล้า

At Kusinakorn, there was a king named Kosutam and a consort named Chaweewan. Both of them had three sons, the eldest was Komes, the second was Komol, and the youngest was powerful because at first Born to have a magical item with him, such as a red Maoli cloth. and a jade bracelet that can be used as a weapon called Gomin. Although Komin is still a 12-year-old child, his talent is second to none. individual skill It also has a magic weapon. makes Komin not afraid of anyone causing the envy of the patriarch named Aphiman, and Komes and Komol King Gosutam sent him to study with Phra Dabos in order to have courage and ability. But Komin thought that his father did not love him and therefore did not send him to study like his elders. One day, Komin and a friend named Muska, the son of Amat Aphiman Went to travel around the seaside and met Akkhi, son of Katonon, the serpent of the underground city. There was a fight to the point of fighting. Until Komin accidentally kills Akkanee to death. When Katho Hon learned that his son had been killed, he took the first soldier, Nakka, to invade Kusinakorn. threatened to force Kosutam to send Komin to punish him Kosutam is afraid of Katonhon power. therefore thought to send Komin But Komin refused. pretend to run away Kathohon chased and fought, but was defeated by Komin. and was taken by Komin to see Kosutam ready to swear that they will not think of invading Kusinakorn again Komin then released Katon back. Kosutam was glad that his son was able to defeat the Naga king. Everyone was delighted and admired. Except for Apiman who is angry at Komin because he was convinced that Komin was the cause of his son being killed by Nakkha While Komin pretends to flee Kathohon to Khao Krailas So always keep the resentment.

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