ម្ឈូសមនុស្សរស់, ផ្នូរមនុស្សរស់ Ma Chous Monus Ros 2014 - Susan Khon Pen [EP.38End]

Title: ម្ឈូសមនុស្សរស់ Ma Chous Monus Ros 2014 - Susan Khon Pen สุสานคนเป็น, Graveyard for the Living , Susaan Khon Bhen

In the center of history, a family couple. They are rich, beautiful and happy. But are you really happy? The wife is sick and sexual relations have gone away, and the husband takes every opportunity to go left and here in the house, on the recommendation of the housekeeper, a beautiful girl gets. She is taken to work for a family factory, but it turned out that that far-reaching plans for the owner, and he is not against tying a closer acquaintance.

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