ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ឬស្យា Lbech Sneh Reusya 2007 [EP.18End]

Title: ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ឬស្យា Lbech Sneh Reusya 2007

Intouch meets Praejai on vacation on the island called "Got Than Ruk", owned by her. The two fell in love, although Intouch was to get engeged with Mukarin. Mukarin finds out that Intouch and Praejai are deeply in love. With the help of his parents, she tries everything against Praejai. Later, being a music producer, Intouch meets Palita, who is a singer. Palita falls for him at first sight and she is furious when she finds out that Intouch is in love with Praejai, her old classmate. Later, Praejai is pushed off a boat by Palita. Everyone, including Intouch thinks that Praejai is dead. However Praejai comes back as a whole new person and takes revenge on everyone who harmed her.

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