ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ក្រមុំកូនកាត់ Lbech Sneh Kromom Kon Kat [EP.32End]

Title: ល្បិចស្នេហ៍ក្រមុំកូនកាត់, ល្បែងស្នេហ៍ស្រីឆ្នាស់ Lbech Sneh Kromom Kon Kat [EP.32End]

Sarayut (Sombat Methanee), a police officer, goes to spy on the Thai mafia group in Pattaya, where Haeng (Chumphon Theppitak) is the leader of the thief. this mafia gang So Sarayut met Mam. and fall in love Finally, the police have broken down the mafia gang. And Mam knew the truth that he was actually the only heir who would inherit 9 million baht.

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