ក្រុមអ្នកលេងឈាមនាគ ត្រកូលខ្ទីង វគ្គ៣ Krom Nak Leng Chheam Neak Trokoul Kting III 2015 - Luead Mungkorn: Krating [EP.28End]

Title: ក្រុមអ្នកលេងឈាមនាគ ត្រកូលខ្ទីង វគ្គ៣ , ដំណក់ឈាមបេះដូងខ្ទីង, Domnok Chheam Besdong Kting, เลือดมังกร กระทิง, Dragon Blood Series , Dragon's Blood III Krating , Dragon's Blood: Krating , Luerd Mungkorn Series , Luead Mangkorn : Krating , Lueat Mangkon: Krathing , Lueat Mangkon: Ton Krathing

Thyme Tharathorn, the adopted son of Chen Yi Xian, returns to Thailand to take the position as the head of the Krating gang. Or at least that's the way it looks on the outside. Seven years ago, Thyme's birth parents and twin brother Chonlathee were shot and burnt to death. Thyme intends to find the person responsible, Leng, and make him beg for forgiveness for his sins against the Cheng family.

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