កងបង្ក្រាបដៃឯក Kong Bongkrab Daiy Ank 2016 - Mue Prab Sai Daew [EP.48End]

Title: កងបង្ក្រាបដៃឯក Kong Bongkrab Daiy Ank 2016 - Mue Prab Sai Daew มือปราบสายเดี่ยว

At the welcome party for Phuwat's return from abroad, Surawit's beloved son, the godfather of clubs, pubs and entertainment complexes, there were many high-class models and celebrities who attended the event. Among dozens of journalists Jidapha - Surawit's adopted daughter Wearing large diamonds worth tens of millions of baht, walking in a fashion show to show off the wealth of the host. During that time, the lights went out. Criminals seize the opportunity to steal diamonds. Suddenly, a woman in a striking red evening dress follows to steal the diamond from the villain. Prim or Prima is a woman in red who stole diamonds to find out who kidnapped Nong Nut's sister. But in the end, he was captured by Pol.Chonin, a skilled young police officer. of the Office of the Prevention and Suppression of Victims of Children and Women followed closely The couple had a fight. They took turns losing, taking turns winning. In the end, Prim was unable to compete with men. She relied on the rhythm of screaming and saying that Chanin would rape her. When Chanin accidentally kicked her apart and ran away into the darkness. But in the end, Chanin managed to catch her.

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