កម្លាំងធាតុភ្លើងនរៈសិង្ហ Komlang Theat Pleung Norak Sing 2023 - Norrasing

Title: កម្លាំងធាតុភ្លើងនរៈសិង្ហ , นรสิงห์, Pantai Norasingh , Norasingh , Norasing , พันท้ายนรสิงห์

" Lakshmi (Saranya Jampatip), a energetic journalist, is looking for Ratee (Chattarika Sitthiprom), her friend archaeologist on the ancient treasure search team, with Urken (Narisan Lokwit), a wealthy capitalist. Tao subsidized the expenses. Rati finds an inferno door latch used to seal the demon imprisoned behind the door. With Urken's greed, he used to carve his greed to release the first great demon Zipu (Wisarut Hiranbut) and work together to rule the world. while Rati disappeared along with the other two door latch. Lakshmi decides to follow up with her colleague Bucha (Tawatchanin Daryan) by spying on Urken. An antiquities and illegal dealer she believes may have been behind the expedition's disappearance unknowingly. In fact, he was a greedy serpent outside the neighborhood who was repelled by the same race until he had to flee to the human world. Lakshmi sneaks into a museum to find evidence that has confiscated artifacts from Urken's expeditions. Urken and Zipu came after her and killed her in an accident. Lakshmi's blood dripped onto the statue and Norasingh was freed from his imprisonment within the statue. and saved Lakshmi in time The story of the gods who mingled with humans who had to protect the three worlds from the demons. Memory Erased Lakshmi Devi When meeting with Norasing again, must join the adventure with the demons Stories of love, resentment and duties, including Norasing's mission to close the hell door, will it be successful or not?

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