ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ជាប់ទ្រូង Klin Sneh Chab Trong 2015 - Neung Nai Suang

Title: ក្លិនស្នេហ៍ជាប់ទ្រូង Klin Sneh Chab Trong 2015 - Neung Nai Suang หนึ่งในทรวง, Only You in My Heart , One in My Heart , Nung Nai Sueng

Poom, a beautiful girl with no parents, meets Neung at a party. Neung is a handsome son of a former renowned diplomat that just came back from studying in France. Every girl wants to get to know him. But after the first glance, Neung falls in love with Poom straightaway. He has forgotten that he knew her before. On the other hand, Poom deeply remembers that Neung used to bully her when they were young. He always bullied her for being chubby and having a feisty attitude toward him. He also looked down on her for not having any parents and being someone of lower status. So she really doesn't like him. But when they have to dance together at the party, Poom rejects him and runs away. She declares that although he's desired by many women, she will be the first one to turn her back and reject him. As someone with status and charisma to get any girl he wanted, this makes Neung angry and embarrassed. After figuring out her true identity that she was the same Poom he used to bully, this only encourages him to tease her even more because he wants to win against her for rejecting him. He wants to make her submit to him and fall for him, all the while unaware that he's already fallen deeply for her.

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