ចុងភៅបេះដូង Chong Phov Besdong 2019 - Nai Yim Mayom Waan [EP.30End]

Title: ចុងភៅបេះដូង, นายยิ้มมะยมหวาน

Mr. Yim Mayomwan, the story of Phasada, was launched as the heir of the Phatraraj family. Was asked to choose a couple at the hotel's grand opening event. But Phasada knew it, so Burin, his right-hand man, was the representative at the event. He disguised himself as a hotel employee named Mr. Yim, an ordinary man who attended the event. Causing him to meet Benjakhai who was demonstrating how to make Thai desserts, so chaos happened. When Husada, who is still disguised as Mr., smiles and pushes to apply for a job in Benjakhae's pastry shop again. Because I hope to meet a woman who really loves that person and is ready to become a real life partner.

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