ឈើច្រត់ផ្ដាច់ព្រលឹង Chheu Chrot Pdach Pro Leung 2015 - Return of the Mighty Canes [EP.21End]

Title: ឈើច្រត់ផ្ដាច់ព្រលឹង, អ្នកលេងឈើច្រត់ Chheu Chrot Pdach Pro Leung 2015 - Return of the Mighty Canes ตะพดโลกันตร์ Ta Pode Logun , Tapod Logan , Look Poo Chai Mai Ta Pode II , Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode 2 , Ta Pode Logan , Taphot Lokan

After Mai (Sarun Sirilak) got rid of Phaya Vetan can bring peace back to the community He was preparing to marry Cinnamon (Waritthisa Limthammahisorn), his lover. But suddenly, Phaya Vetan (Phakamon Satirabutr), Phaya Vetan's lover, appeared. Hope to take revenge and create a new Phaya Vetan She then revives Tiwa (Mick Thongraya), an archenemy of Mai, to deal with everyone whom Wood loves. Along with switching souls between clouds (Kelly Thanapat), the adoptive father who takes care of wood and Panthep (Naphatsakorn Mitem), the true father of wood, who hopes to wrest the cane. until some bad things happen But Mai did not give up helping Mek to return to normal. and join forces to fight with Queen Vetan until she was finally defeated when peace returns to everyone again So Mai and Cinnamon got married as they wished.

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