ឈាមប្ដូរឈាម Chheam Bdour Chheam 2016 - Petch Tud Petch [EP.32End]

Title: ឈាមប្ដូរឈាម, ពេជ្រកាត់ពេជ្រ Chheam Bdour Chheam 2016 - Petch Tud Petch เพชรตัดเพชร Diamond Cuts Diamond , An Eye for an Eye , Phet Tud Phet , Phet Tat Phet ,

Chart and Yod are two hitmen who are equally skilled at their jobs. They work under the supervision of Trai, the right-hand man of Madame Louise, the leader of an underground drug dealing business in Thailand. This makes Chart and Yod compete against one another to become number one. They are constantly competing and fighting against each other over every matter. Trai then sent the two on a mission to deliver Kookitno drugs, a new type of drug, to a client. Therefore, the two must be careful not to get followed or caught by the police, especially Police Colonel Cherdsak Chaya, who is heavily driven by his job as narcotic police. Kookitno drugs are unique in that they produce faster side effects. Once ingested, one will quickly fall asleep and begin to hallucinate severely. In addition, when combined with the stimulant of music, the drug's effect will increase even more. If ingested beyond the recommended dose, it will drive a person mad to the point of killing others, committing suicide, and overdosing from the drug's toxicity.

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