បុព្វេសន្និវាស វគ្គ១ ពិសេស Buppe Soniveas I Specail 2018 - Love Destiny I Extra Scene [EP.4End]

Title: បុព្វេសន្និវាស វគ្គ១ ពិសេស- บุพเพสันนิวาส Love Destiny, Bhuppae Sunniwat , Buppe San Nivas , Buppesannivas , Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

This is a story where karma, merit, love destiny and a moon mantra combine to fling Kadesurang, a chubby archaeologist, into the body of another woman, Karakade, during the Ayutthaya era (300 years earlier). In the past, the cruel and selfish Karakade was betrothed to Date, a man who despises her wickedness and prefers a kinder woman. In a fit of jealousy, Karakade tries to kill her rival, but a servant dies instead. While Karakade is suspected, her murderous intentions can’t be confirmed. So Date and his dad perform a sacred ritual to punish the killer. At this pivotal moment, Karakade dies and her spirit is replaced by Kadesurang's. After Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade's body, she is intensly curious to experience the historical context she once studied. Everyone around her is confused. She acts like a completely different person: someone who has forgotten basic manners and speaks strangely, someone who suddenly wants to make merit and cares about those around her. How will the household and Karakade’s fiancé respond to Karakade’s new optimism and responsibility coupled with her odd mannerisms? And how will Kadesurang navigate this patriarchal society swirling with political unrest?

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