ប្រតិបត្តិការក្រុមហែកឃឺ Brothi Batkar Krom Hacker 2021 - CTRL

Title: : ប្រតិបត្តិការក្រុមហែកឃឺ, CTRL 操控

Two hackers at different sides of the game unknowingly fall in love, with only a murder and an elusive cyber organization standing in their way. Orphaned at a young age after losing his parents in an accident, Zhi Ping (Desmond Tan) also loses his hearing. He becomes an introvert and suffers from an inferiority complex until he meets cyber hacker “Santa Claus”, who promises to reveal the truth behind his parents’ death if he ever catches the latter. Under ‘Santa Claus’, Zhi Ping eventually becomes a well-known hacker ‘Zero’. A chance encounter led him to meet and fall in love with Si Yun (Ya Hui), unbeknownst to him, Si Yun is in the same game as him, and is known as the hacker ‘Ghost’. Si Yun actually works for her father Wen Dao (Guo Liang) but wants out, she dreams of a quiet life with Zhi Ping until the latter finds out that Wen Dao is linked to his parents’ death. Si Yun and Zhi Ping become foes, but who is the real ‘Santa Claus’, and is Wen Dao really the cause of the accident? Only when the duo finds the answer will there be a chance of reconciliation.

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