បំណុលស្នេហ៍អន្ទាក់ជីវិត Bomnoul Sneh Ontak Chivit 2022 - Unchained Love

Title: បំណុលស្នេហ៍អន្ទាក់ជីវិត, Floating on the Edge , Fu Tu Tower , Forbidden Love , Fu Tu Pagoda , Fu Tu Ta , Fu Tu Yuan , 浮圖緣, 浮图缘

During the Longhua period, eunuch Xiao Duo plotted with Fu Wang to help him sit on the throne. Bu Yin Lou was supposed to be buried with the late Emperor, but she is rescued by Xiao Duo. Bu Yin Lou, a lady-in-waiting, was meant to be the emperor's woman. Due to her status, she was supposed to follow him in death, but Xiao Duo saves her because she has caught the eye of Fu Wang. She then stays at Xiao's manor, and they grow closer over time. However, they cannot reveal their feelings. The road is full of obstacles... what will become of their fates?

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