បេះដូងជាប់សញ្ញាសួរ Besdong Chab Sanha Sour ? 2020 - It's Okay to Not Be Okay [EP.16End]

Title: បេះដូងជាប់សញ្ញាសួរ 사이코지만 괜찮아, Saikojiman Gwaenchanha , I'm a Psycho but It's Okay , Psycho But It's All Right , Psycho But It's Okay , Psycho But It's Fine , Saikojiman gwaenchana

Moon Gang Tae is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who was blessed with everything including a great body, smarts, ability to sympathize with others, patience, ability to react quickly, stamina, and more. Meanwhile, Ko Moon Young is a popular writer of children’s literature who, due to suffering from an antisocial personality disorder, seems extremely selfish, arrogant, and rude. Moon Gang Tae denies love and Ko Moon Young doesn’t know it. The two defy fate and fall in love, finding their souls and identities in the process.

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